Premiere London screening: ‘Push the Button’

The next evening meeting of the Information Design Association is in London on the evening of 18th January 2012.

‘Push the Button’ (Appuyez sur le bouton)

Appuyez sur le bouton : au pays des modes d’emploi is a brilliant and amusing French television documentary film by Dominique Garing about how our lives have become dependent on the technical instructions that support so much of life’s Stuff. It was produced and broadcast in France in 2008.

Through an initiative of Paul Ballard of 3di and John Alexander of Donovan Data Systems, the IDA and the Instutute of Scientific and Technical Communicators have come together to fund the subtitling of this 52-minute film, and the production of video DVDs so that it can be rented out to gatherings of technical communications and information designers.

Join us at the London premiere of ‘Push the Button’, at the Free Word Centre in London (Farringdon Road): the event starts 18:30 and ends 21:00 on Wednesday 18 January 2012. In addition to the main feature, we will also screen a number of short films created by the Isotype Institute, which pioneered the use of standardised icons to facilitate understanding of statistics.

There is limited availability, so book your place soon. The entry fee of £7 (plus transaction fee of £1.07) includes the film programme, refreshments and the opportunity to meet fellow professionals, including members of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators and the Information Design Association.